Aphasia Center of Tucson (ACT)

Aphasia Center of Tucson (ACT)

Friends of Aphasia is proud to offer the Aphasia Center of Tucson (ACT) for individuals living with aphasia.


ACT is designed to maximize recovery of communication through structured small group sessions that allow members to develop and practice communication techniques in a stimulating, yet accepting, environment. A wide variety of groups are offered to accommodate members’ interests and goals. Groups focus on areas such as communication strategies, writing, reading, number concepts, advocacy, and thinking skills. Individualized computer coaching is also available. In addition, education forums, community outings, and family support groups are offered.

The program runs on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Members participate for the full 3-hour duration. They may choose to attend one or both days, as space permits.

The program runs on a semester system, with longer (typically 12-week) semesters in the fall and winter, and shorter (typically 6-week) semesters in the spring and summer. Members commit to attending for the entire semester. Any prolonged anticipated absences must be discussed with the Director.

Prior to participation in the program, new members must be scheduled for a comprehensive evaluation. Findings from this evaluation will be used to help determine goals together and to assist group facilitators in planning appropriate group activities.

We have a limited number of positions available which we offer on a first-come, first-serve basis; we will continue to accept individuals into the program until it is full. Please be assured that whether you choose to participate or not will not affect your rehabilitation services at any other location. We encourage you to take advantage of as many opportunities as fit in with your lifestyle and goals.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Aphasia Center of Tucson. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you would like to schedule a visit to see if the Aphasia Center of Tucson would be a good match for you.


Weekly Schedule

9:30 am MSTConversation GroupsConversation Groups
11:00 am MSTConversation GroupsConversation GroupsTED Talks Group
1:00 pm MSTSpecial Speaker Series
Social Media GroupVirtual Tours Group

Semester Schedule

The Aphasia Center of Tucson runs on a semester schedule. The 2021 schedule of group sessions is as follows:

SemesterLengthStart DateEnd Date 
Winter12 weeksJan 11April 2No Spring Break
Spring6 weeksApril 19May 28
Summer6 weeksJune 7July 16
Fall12 weeksSept 13Dec 10No groups the week of Thanksgiving, Nov. 22nd - 26th




  • Basic Plan
    • $240/semester for Conversation Groups 1x/week
    • $480/semester for Conversation Groups 2x/week
  • Basic PLUS Plan
    • +$200 in addition to the Basic Plan for access to TED Talks Group, Virtual Tours Group, and Special Speaker Series



  • Basic Plan
    • $120/semester for Conversation Groups 1x/week
    • $240/semester for Conversation Groups 2x/week
  • Basic PLUS Plan
    • +$100 in addition to the Basic Plan for access to TED Talks Group, Virtual Tours Group, and Special Speaker Series


We currently do not provide individual speech-language therapy services through Friends of Aphasia. But we know several experienced speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in the community and would be happy to share their contact information with you.

Unfortunately, most health insurance companies do not pay for group therapy services. (Crazy – we know!) We try to keep our tuition low and have a limited number of partial scholarships available. We feel strongly about the importance of providing services to ALL who might benefit. We strive not to turn anyone away due to an inability to pay.

Often, our aphasia groups can be a good match for someone who has PPA and wants to practice communication skills in a supportive environment. But it isn’t always a good match. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and goals. In addition, in the past, we have offered a combined program that incorporated communication activities for individuals who have PPA and education and training for their loved ones. This program may be offered again based on interest.

Please help the individuals who are living with this challenging disorder.


We look forward to hearing from you about our mission to treat aphasia.

  • Location: 1011 N Craycroft Rd, Suite 301, Tucson, AZ 85711
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 12232, Tucson, AZ 85732
  • 520-730-8428
  • FAX: 520-300-8328
  • info@friendsofaphasia.com


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